Apple Blossom Loses Her Smile is a story in the Shopkins Magazine: Issue 1 that was written by Janet Rising.


One night, when The Small Mart had closed for the evening, Strawberry Kiss was worried about her friend, Apple Blossom. Usually, Apple Blossom was always smiling, always happy, but this evening, Apple Blossom's smile was missing. Strawberry Kiss thought hard. She wanted Apple Blossom to find her smile again. Strawberry Kiss thought so hard, her strawberry leaf hat had an attack of the wobbles, and made Strawberry Kiss look like she was laughing.

"what's so funny, Strawberry Kiss?" asked Cheeky Chocolate, bouncing up from the Sweets and Treats aisle. She was always on the lookout for a joke. But she was sad to discover that Apple Blossom had lost her smile.

"I know what we can do!" cried Lippy Lips, jumping up and down enthusiastically. "I can give Apple Blossom a makeover. Come on, Apple Blossom, why not try some lovely new lipstick, or I can do something fancy with your Blossom to give you a new look!"

"Come on!" cried Cheeky Chocolate, "let's play on the checkout! We can run along the conveyor belt. Even better, we can race on the conveyor belt by running on it the wrong way!" And afterwards, I can give everyone a makeover!" added Lippy Lips, a little bit put out that Cheeky Chocolate had overruled her idea. She couldn't think of anything better than giving a makeover! Everyone climbed up to the conveyor belt. Cheeky Chocolate flicked the switch and the conveyor belt started up. "I don't think you're supposed to run on it the wrong way.said Kooky Cookie, doubtfully.

"Come on, start!" cried Cheeky Chocolate, leaping onto the belt and running for all she was worth. She ran and ran, and ran some more, but she didn't seem to get anywhere. The belt was going fast one way, and Cheeky Chocolate was running fast the other way. It seemed they were both going at the same speed. "That looks like hard work," said Strawberry Kiss. "It's great fun... puff... you'll all love it!" cried Cheeky Chocolate. "Let me have a go!" cried Lippy Lips.

"Yes," said Kooky Cookie, "I want to have a go, too." "Get on... puff... with me, well race... puff," suggested Cheeky Chocolate. So Kooky Cookie and Lippy Lips held hands and then both leapt together, landing on the conveyor belt and running with Cheeky Chocolate. Only Lippy Lips couldn't run fast enough and fell behind, and because Kooky Cookie was still holding her hand, Kooky Cookie was pulled back, too. "Kooky, let me go!" shouted Lippy Ups. "I can't" cried Kooky Cookie, "I'm too scared." "Well just have to get off," said Lippy Lips. "How do we do that, Cheeky?"

But Cheeky Chocolate hadn't quite thought her idea through and had no idea how to get off! "Um... I don't... puff... urn... puff .. know...puff..." said Cheeky Chocolate, looking alarmed.

Lippy Lips took charge. "Turn of the conveyor belt!" she shouted to Apple Blossom and Strawberry Kiss, and Strawberry Kiss quickly hit the switch. The trouble was, she hit the switch so quickly, and the conveyor belt stopped so suddenly, Cheeky Chocolate, Kooky Cookie and Lippy Ups all went tumbling over the edge of the belt and fell to the floor in a heap. Strawberry Kiss and Apple Blossom peered over the edge - but their friends were all right. They were too busy arguing and blaming each other to be hurt.

Suddenly, Apple Blossom started laughing. They looked so funny that she couldn't help herself.

"Hey!" shouted Strawberry Kiss, "you've all given Apple Blossom her smile back. Well done, your idea worked, Cheeky Chocolate!" "Even if it didn't work in quite the way I had planned!" Cheeky Chocolate laughed.

The End.