Big Roll Bingo

Big Roll Bingo

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Category Board Games
Age Recommendation 4+
Big Roll Bingo is a boardgame based on the classic game bingo.



Be the first player to place five tokens in a row - either horizontally, vertically or diagonally - by rolling the dice and covering the matching squares on your bingo card.


  • Six bingo cards.
  • Two big dice.
  • One with B, I, N, G, O and a shopping cart.
  • One with pictures of Shopkins.
  • Sixty (60) tokens.

Set UpEdit

Each player takes a bingo card and places one token on the center "Free Space" square.

The youngest player starts by rolling both dice. They look at the top of each game die, then see if they can place a token on their card. Example: with a roll of "N" and Apple Blossom, the player would look for the picture of Apple Blossom in the N column on his/her card and place a token on that square.

If a column has more than one of the pictures shown on the game die, the player chooses only one picture to cover. That ends the turn and the next player goes. If a column does not have any of the pictures shown on the game die, the player ends her turn and the player to the left goes. 

When a player rolls on a shopping cart, he or she can choose any one of the five columns and cover the matching picture of the game die. So if you roll a shopping cart and Chee Zee, you can cover up any Chee Zee on your card.

Ending and winning the gameEdit

The first player to cover five squares on a row on his/her card is the winner and should shout out "Bingo!" to let the other players know that they've won.