Mary wishes is a Common Party Time Shopkin from Season 4.

Bio Edit

Mary Wishes


Season Season 4
Team Party Time
Rarity Common
Variants Purple
Finish Normal
BFF Unknown
Always gets an invite to every party and knows everyone's wishes. But she's not going to tell you!

Appearance Edit

Mary Wishes is a pink cupcake holder with a pink and brown icing ombre, a white candle with a pink flamealong with a white envelope and bag. Her variant has a purple holder with a pink and light blue icing ombre. She also has a blue candle with a yellow flame with a light blue envelope and bag.

She also has 2 easter egg variants. One with a light yellow holder with a magenta and pink ombre. She also has a baby pink candle holder & a light yellow flame along with a baby pink envelope and bag. Another one has a baby pink holder with a gold and yellow icing ombre. She has a white envelope & bag and a light yellow candle along with a orange flame.

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