Pop 'N' Race Game

Pop N Race

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USA Price $9.99
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Category Board Games
Age Recommendation 5+
The Pop 'N' Race Game is a board game. The required amount of players need is 2 and the maxium amount of people that can play is 4.


Object of the GameEdit

Be the first player to get all of your matching movers "HOME".


  • Plastic Board Game
  • Game Die Popper
  • 16 Movers


Each player takes the four movers that match the color of their corner of the board and places them in the four corner spaces. Each player pops the die; the player who pops the highest number goes first. Play then moves to to the left.


Before a player can put a mover on the game path, he or she must pop a "6." When that happens the player puts one mover on their "arrow" space and takes another turn. On this bonus turn, the player may move this mover or any of his or her movers that are on the path. All moves must be clockwise around the board.

Throughout the game a pop of "6" may be used to either move a new playing piece onto the arrow or to move a playing piece already on the path. A pop of "6" always gives a player another bonus turn.

If a mover ends on a space occupied by an opponent, the opponent returns his or her playing piece to one of their corner spaces. This mover can only be brought back into play with a pop of "6".

If a mover ends on a space occupied by the same color mover, the player pops again for a different number, even if this is to the player's disadvantage.

When a mover has gone around the entire board it moves into its Home path. Opponents' movers are not permitted on this path. Players must pop the exact number needed in order to move into Home.

Ending and Winning the GameEdit

The first player to get all his or her playing pieces Home is the winner.