Pop goes the Babysitter

Babysitter title card

Episode 10
Upload Date January 27, 2015
Written By Tahlia Gee, Pauline Matthewman, Adam Woods
Animation Studio Flux Animation Brisbane
Animators Stefan Warren, Paul Gillett
Music & SFX Ack Kinmonth
Voice Artist Kate Murphy
Pop goes the Babysitter is the tenth episode of the Shopkins Cartoon.


Burnt bagels and muffins - how will Toasty Pop survive babysitting Dum Mee Mee? 



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 10, "Pop goes the Babysitter"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 10, "Pop goes the Babysitter"


  • The title is a reference to the nursery rhyme "Pop Goes the Weasel".
  • The Shopkins appear much bigger in this episode (and the episodes after this episode) than the episodes prior to it. The Shopkins are roughly the same size as the checkout counter, but in "Check It Out", the Shopkins were much smaller and were tiny compared to the checkout counter, small enough to the point they could do gymnastics on it and scan theirselves.