Rainbowie is a shopkin introduced in Shopkins Season Rainbows.


Unnamed Gummies Shopkin

Season Season Rainbows
Team Sweet Treats
Rarity Rare
Variants Red, green, yellow, purple and blue

Inverted colours

Finish Rainbow hologram sparkles
BFF Rainbow Bite, Soda Pops and Miss Candy

Her variant is that all of her candy colours are inverted

Candy colours in variant:

Red = Neon Green

Green = Neon Red

Yellow = Neon Purple

Purple = Neon Yellow

Ice Blue = Neon Orange

White Wrapper = Neon Black Wrapper

All inverted and normal colours are neon in the inverted variant

Trivia Edit

Even though she is actually a twin of Miss Candy, some people talked to Moose Toys about a colouring error where all the colours are all jumbled up instead of the same pattern as Miss Candy's. Moose said it's because the painters were in a rush, but actually, it was because they wanted to troll people and call them poops.