Season 1

Series 1
Release June 19th, 2014
Ultra Rares Glitter
Special Editions Frozen
Limited Editions Metallic
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Season 2
 Season 1 is the first series of figure toys to be released. They released on June 19th, 2014.

Shopkins Edit

.Fruit and veg -Apple blossom -Rockin´´ broc -Strawberry kiss -Pineapple crush -Melonie pips -Miss mushy-moo -Posh pear

.Pantry -Tommy sause -Nutty butter -Peppe pepper -Sally shakes -Sugar lump -Breaky crunch -Alpha soup -Gran jam -Coolio

.Bakery -Bread head -Creamy bun-bun -D´lish donut -Chesse kate -Mini muffin -Flutter cake -Kookie cookie

.Sweet treats -Bubbles -Candy kisses -le´quorice -Cheeky chocolate -Candy cotton -Lolli poppins -Mandy candy -Jelly B -Miss twist

.Dairy -Chee-zee -Swiss miss -Spilt milk -Ghurty -Millie shake -Flava ava -Dollops -Googy

.Health and beauty -Scrubs -Lippy lips -Curly -Shampy -Silky -Bubble tuds -Chap-elli -Polly polish -Suds -Toofs

.Party food -Crispy chip -Pretz-elle -Wobbles -Rainbow bite -Wishes -Frank further -Little sipper -Fairy crumbs -Cheezey B -Soda pops

.Frozen -Ice cream-dream -Popsi cool -Yo-chi -Cool cube -Pa´pizza -Snow crush -Fishtix -Freezy peazy

.Limited edition -Cupcake queen -Buttercup -Tin´a tuna -Twinky winks -Papa tomato -Sunny screen