Team sickening is a team of where only the MOST UNIQUE of Sickies can join in.

Members Edit

Virus (Leader)






Bembers Edit

Full of little StinkyBemberz which r always demanding and begging to join da group:


We are number one picture (Virus’s worst enemy)

The Begger of Team Sickening (super annoying)

The ULTIMATE Begger of Team Sickening (look at the begger of team sickening. Also, a cousin of him.)

Little baby WAA WAA (Too babyish and too much of a crybaby for them to handle)

💸💸$$$BLING BLING$$$💸💸💸 (too rich and too rude and he will ruin the team)

Also, when I mean by ruining the team I mean by that the rule will end up being ”Everyone needs to be rich of the team, and I’m the new leader everyone who is poor…STAY OUT!!!!! *kicks out all the teammates including the old leader for all being “poor”*


Usually used as replacements of other teammates and can still participate in team sickening activities:

Team Sickening Grunt (loves the team)

The ghozt of sickening doom (Virus's only alternate best friend)

The definition of beautiful (A BIG fan of the team)

A snake butterfly hamster combination thing (HER SHE DA GIRL SHE LOVIN TEAM)