Tell me what's cookin

Lyrics Edit




Right here is the place to be

mix it down with a recipe

Batter down give it a whirl

try it now give it a swirl

your turn give it a go

spice it up make it your own

it's a world of fun you see

slice it dice it you and me

to a test add some zest it all works out when your with your friends!

Tell me what's cookin!

Tell me what you makin Edit

  • snaps* *snaps,* I'm getting stuff done for the dinner tonight and tomorrow oh oh and I'm gonna rock the world 🌎oh oh oh yeah I'm the girl that it never needed before you leave oh  oh!! Oh!! Oh

!! Tell me what you makin oh tell!!!!! What you makin w.y.m!!!! 

I'm going tonight!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!! Boy!!! There's blood on your rings there's love on thing oh tell me what you makin 😠 ohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me oh!!!!!! Tell me what you makin!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me oh!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!!! Oh!!!! Tell me what you makin!!!!!