you might not know this but there have been some murders in shopville and the police have no edvince of the killers

well the only edivnce they have are always the bodys bloody and food in secert door in abandomed houses 

do you think that they wil ever find the killers? well just tell all the shopkins to stay in thier homes at all times with everyway in and out locked 

so no one gets them. with these clues can you find the killers? there are two ones name starts with gran the other starts with pop do you know who they are? the ones who got killed are cupcake queen and bubbles. below is who gets killed next duh duh dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnh!

nutty butter bread head prommy
sally shakes candy kisses heels
sugar lump chee zee dribbles
cheese kate googy soda
mini muffin spilt milk sippy sip
kooky cookie swiss miss
flutter cake wobbles
mandy candy wishes
 apple blossom sippa
candy apple fairy crumbs
jelly b soda pops
candi cotton scrubs
miss twist lippy lips
lotta ballons suds
gigi gift toofs
candy bowl yo-chi
fluffy slipper cool cube
snoozy sleeping bag snow crush
jan pancake fishtix
dan pancake buttercup
fizzy soda rolly roll
bella basket sour lemon
popcorn king corny cob
milly shake lana lamp
waffer tops sizzles
andy bandy poppy corn
carrie oki bart beans
rockin broc leafy
posh pear sweeps
nutty butter molly mops